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  emAlbum is our web based software that automates the management, organization, and viewing of images and files on your website.
  emAlbum is compatible with any web server/operating system combo with Perl 5 or higher installed and is built on a language and templating system that allows for complete customization into your existing site.
  emAlbum Standard is our entry-level product that supports an unlimited number of folders and images up to two levels deep. emAlbum Standard can display all of the common image formats and includes template support, thumbnail support, language files, and on the fly folder and image detection. Read more...
  emAlbum Pro is feature packed, with everything that the Standard version has and much more! emAlbum Pro supports many more image and file formats and includes image resizing capabilites with the use of Image::Magick, PerlMagick, or GD. emAlbum Pro also supports an unlimited number and depth of folders, files, and images with the ability to add captions, descriptions, and track hits for the files in your gallery. Read more...
 :: Testimonials
  "$25!!! Are you serious...I'd expect something like that to be around $250 or more!!! Not so much what it does, but you have a complete package...talk about impressed."
-- Chris W.
  "Your emAlbum setup support has been awesome! Not to mention, I like the gallery & all its functionality. I've attempted 10+ scripts in the past month; each one has ultimately not found its way to working order except emAlbum."
-- Scottie Z.
  "In all the years I have been installing scripts and building web sites I have NEVER seen a script so easy to install and setup. It took less than 5 minutes !!!!! Excellent Job !!!!!"
-- Dave G.
  "You have created a phenomenal script, we are happy to use it and recommend it to anyone who is in search of a great picture album!"
-- Cesar D.
  "I'd like to say how relatively robust and user-friendly and techie-friendly your gallery script is! It has literally "made" my mom's website, and we are very grateful for the great benefit it has provided to us!"
-- Doug L. (cakecreations.ca)
  "I researched the different image gallery software packages out there and bang for the buck, emAlbum is hands down the best. Technical support is second to none and I've purchased several copies of this software for many of my clients. They all love it!"
-- Brian E.
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